1969 Summary and Extra Pics

The track sets first released in 1969 are dominated by Super-Chargers.

1. The Double-Dare Race Action Set.

2. The Super-Charger Sprint Set.

3. The Super-Charger Double Action Set.

4. The Super-Charger Race Set.

5. The Super-Charger Rally ‘N Freeway Set.

6. The Super-Charger Grand Prix Race Set.

Here’s a video summary of the 1969 track sets that I documented on my YouTube channel.

Here are some extra pics for 1969.

Ready to go at the Double-Dare start.

1969 COPO Corvette flying around the Super-Charger Sprint Set.

Parked for lunch at the Super-Charger Double Action second floor restaurant.

Charging past the finish line on the Super-Charger Race Set.

100 laps on the Super-Charger Race Set is a long way to go.

The road is full on the Super-Charger Rally ‘N Freeway Set.

Super-Charger “Safe Driving Rules”. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Front page – 1969 Hot Wheels Collectors’ Catalogue. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Box art – back of a Full Curve Pak showing a Super-Charger “Over ‘N Under Freeway” layout. Courtesy eBay.

Comic book ad. 7 sets available in 1969. Courtesy eBay.

Box art – front of 2 Way Super-Charger. Courtesy eBay.

Box art – side of 2 Way Super-Charger. Courtesy eBay.

Box art – back of 2 Way Super-Charger. Courtesy eBay.

Hot Wheels in 1969.

Still fast. Still fun.