A look at the Hot Wheels race tracks from 1968 to 1971

This web blog will document most of the track sets produced by Mattel in the first four years of Hot Wheels production.

I was a kid during these inaugural years and have fond memories of putting together the tracks and running my Hot Wheels cars for hours on end.


Summer was my time for unscheduled activities (the rest of the year was filled with sports and school) so I would get together with friends and race Hot Wheels.  I still recall the 1968 Hot Wheels Drag Set that we ran outdoors for an entire sun filled afternoon.


A couple of years ago, I sold off most of my “don’t touch” vintage Hot Wheels car collection and replaced them with “touch all you want” Hot Wheels track sets from 1968 to 1971.  I use late model Hot Wheels now, mainly because it’s more cost practical, and the new cars do run well.  I especially like the Faster Than Ever vehicles because they perform nicely on the Super Charger and Rod Runner race sets.


The other advantage of new cars is you don’t mind the crashes.  When I set up a recently purchased 1970 Hot Wheels Rod Runner Race Set I was surprised at all the crashes I was having.  I do not remember this being an issue when I had this track as a kid.  But, then again, I’ve noticed that the kids who come over to put their cars on these sets really enjoy the crashes.  Maybe I did too when I was young.  Fortunately, for my adult tastes, the tracks can be adjusted to minimize crashes and maximize racing.

So, as time permits, I hope to show you pictures and videos of old school, functioning Hot Wheels race track sets.

They are still fast, still fun.