When Hot Wheels were released in late 1967 they became my favorite toy.  I had a lot of fun playing with them by myself and with friends.  Now, I’m sharing the fun by running 1968 to 1971 vintage tracks with current cars and having people of all ages over to see these sets in action.  It’s a revelation for today’s kids to see their Hot Wheels cars fly through these grand old tracks.  And it’s a way of building community, planting times of fun into childhood memories and reminding the older crowd of nostalgic days.

Kudos to Mattel for starting off strong and continuing to provide great cars and tracks through the years.  Hot Wheels are indeed still fast, still fun!

Strip Action Set

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  1. Great photos! I wish Mattel would dial things back a bit and release some new, simple track sets like this. All the fantasy stuff with fire and water and dragons is neat and all but there’s something wonderful about a big layout with nothing more than track and few curves. A return to simpler times is greatly needed and your photos help make that happen. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for your site. I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to see again the race car set of my childhood. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Fantastic photos and write-ups. The large format images of the box art is simply stunning. Your track photography perfectly emulates the style of the era. Keep up the great work!

  4. Came across your site and oh what a nice surprise. I had very happy times as a kid playing with my hot wheels. The time and effort you have put into this site is AMAZING! Thank you for letting us get a peek back into our childhoods and actually playing and touching our toys.

  5. I’m a 41-year-old father of 2 (ages 4 and 6). I never had Sizzlers when I was a kid but always wanted them. With the help of your videos and this site I’ve been carefully purchasing tracks and cars online. The kids love them. Thank you for being such a great curator of these wonderful toys. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for the awesome site. Boy, does it take me back to my youth. I had many of the sets you’ve featured or played with other childhood friends who had ones that I didn’t, that you have displayed here, too. Great job.

    Now, as an adult, what is so striking to me about all of what Mattel was doing at the time is, how innovative and well thought out it all was. The track system, ways of propelling the vehicles, and how they kept coming up with imaginative new track schemes, devices, cars, etc. All in the whole racing automotive motif, too. Also, what I really appreciate is how the graphic design, box art, and instructions are so well coordinated and put together. Kudos to Mattel toy designers of the time. Like another commenter suggested, not overstated in anyway, as many things are these days. It was a more simple time with a whole lot less obtrusive fanfare and hyperbole included in the marketing of everything. I love that about this era and the Hot Wheels line of toy cars you’ve so aptly depicted. One really gets a sense of how far we’ve drifted and can see the stark contrast in the marketing mentality.

  7. Hello. I was recently given a small lot of 60s and 70s Sizzlers and a few charging stations. I was wondering if you might be able to help me value them. I’m not a collector myself so I’d rather sell them to someone who could enjoy them. Thanks!

  8. Hi! Brilliant site! I have started collecting hot wheels again (44 years old). Collecting as in actually running the cars (not keeping them in the cards, even the collectable ones). So far I have an oval track cobbled from ebay purchases which i enjoy running the cars on. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for a permanent set up. As daft as it may sound I find running the cars relaxing and grat fun. i’m currently making a separate speed controller for the 2 super chargers that power the cars and hope to make them mains power eventually. I am also a big fan of the box art. Cheers from East Devon in the UK.

  9. Hi. Your site and YouTube videos are awesome. I am totally back into Sizzlers but can’t keep the cars on the orange track without running off. What tips can you provide on this as yours stay on very very well. Thanks.

    • Hi James. The secret for running Sizzlers on orange track is to use cars with slower motors. I save fast running cars for the wide open lanes of Fat Track.

  10. Great site and some great Videos!Brings me back to my youth and one of the best gifts I ever received,Hot Wheels super charger set.Still have it and still fun.We’ve enjoyed your info on the Match maker and Big belter.Would you have any info on the size of the bearings that went inside of the matchmaker?We have one but it is missing these.
    Thanks.Keep up the great work.
    Rusty H

    • Hi Rusty,
      Thank you for your kindness. Doing this blog and making videos is nothing but fun for me. Much like the original days of Hot Wheels.
      As for the Matchmaker…there is no bearing inside. The color board that moves up and down inside the Matchmaker is simply following a plastic channel. It stays in the channel with a plastic protrusion on the back of the color board. I have taken 2 Matchmakers apart because of malfunction. One of them just free falls from the top position. Turns out that the plastic protrusion on the back of the color board is broken off. I plan to drill a small metal bolt through the color board and use the smooth metal end of the bolt to keep the color board in the channel. Eventually, I’ll be doing a video of this. Stay tuned.

  11. Thanks for the reply John.
    ” the plastic protrusion on the back of the color board is broken off. I plan to drill a small metal bolt through the color board and use the smooth metal end of the bolt to keep the color board in the channel”
    That is the info I needed.Mine is also broken but not seen before.We are also missing the wire that triggers the red light function.Any info on how it is shaped and mounted would be a big help.Now off to do your mod.
    Thanks again!

    • John,thanks once again for the great videos and information.Have you checked out the new Hot Wheels set Dragstrip Champion? It is about the closest I’ve seen to compare to the Vintage Match maker and Big Belter.
      Keep up the great work and keep on having fun!

  12. I really enjoy this site. Really like the attention to detail, bringing these old sets back to life. I can smell the plastic almost, well I can really because I have a box of track in the next room 🙂

    I’ve added a link from my redline collector’s site here, appreciate the hard work you do.

  13. Hello, I am a collector from Germany and I find your Hot Wheels site very fantastic !!! Keep it up. Unfortunately, you have the wrong link under the images (yellow Bold Eagle) with my RRRumblers bp, the homepage: http://www.rrrumblers-redline.com/ has existed for several years no more. It would be great if you update the link, so the other collector will also find and contact to my homepage. Here is my current homepage: http://www.hot-wheels-redline-and-more.com/
    Best regards – Ralf

  14. Thank you for a great site, and for showing rare UK sets! I grew up in Italy and we did have some Italy-exclusive Hot Wheels and Sizzlers sets, but nowhere near as exciting as the UK Pursuit Set and Twin’n’Chute Action Set. Awesome!
    Do you happen to remember a set that was sold in stores in Italy (but it was import. Everything was in English on the box) in spring 1976? It was a “Spirit of ’76” special track, a dual-lane action set with “firework action”. Track was the old-style orange track and it came in an elaborate, beautiful photo box. There is no trace of it in US catalogs or books. I was 13 at the time and I clearly remember it. I’ve been looking for information/photos, etc. since 1991 to no avail.

    • Hi Simone, I have never heard of the “Spirit of ’76” track from Hot Wheels. There is such a set from Tyco which is an HO train set.

      • Thank you. It was definitely a US “Spirit of ’76” special edition track set. I was 13 in the summer of ’76, and I remember staring at the store windows for hours longing for that set. It was an orange track set sold in large photo box. It featured two loops, curves and a special “fireworks” end gateway (shooting pretend fireworks). It was absolutely amazing. It was not an Italian set (everything was in English), and I have not been able to locate any information about it. I have been trying to locate a Giraffa Toy Store summer 1976 Dealer’s Catalog forever (that was the chain the store belonged to. They imported Mattel toys from the US that Mattel Italy would not sell), but no luck until now.

  15. I cannot possibly thank you enough for the postings you have provided for all of us Hotwheel Enthusiast. My love for Hotwheels dates back to 1964 as I am an avid collector.
    I continue to watch all of your videos and continue to follow all your articles thank you so much for what you do

  16. Hello my friend John, my name is Eduardo and I live in Brazil.
    I am 53 years old and I love toys and specially cars Hot vWheels!
    I love your blog and especially your Hot Wheels vintage set videos.
    The video I liked the most was:

    1970 Hot Wheels Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set – Oval layout

    John, I have some questions and I think only you can help me.
    I’m looking to buy items accessories vintage tracks from 1968 to 1971.
    But I’m afraid it will not work.
    I’m sorry to bother you with such simple things, but I’d like to know:

    1) Can I use the Hot Wheels Dual Lane Rod Runner (1970) on new tracks (2018) from Hot Wheels?

    2) The Hot Wheels Dual Lane Rod Runner (1970) is equivalent in speed power to launch the cars to the “Twin Boosters” of (Hot Wheels Super Launch Speed Track Set 2014)?
    Follow the link:

    3) Can I use all Hot Wheels “accessories” vintage tracks from 1968 to 1971 in Hot Wheels’ new modern tracks (2018)?

    I’m happy to your return.
    Thank you very much.

  17. Hi! Interesting….. The only set I had was for Christmas in 1968. It was the VERY basic set. My memory of it was the track gave off a pungent odor!!!! I had to be allergic to it!!!! It gave me a SORE throat!!!! BUT NOW……… all these years later….. I miss those days……. I am trying to learn about them and trying to find the sets and some cars that I had. I just bought two sets off E-bay. No cars yet. I love your vids! Thank you!!!!!!

  18. Hi……is there anyone who has box cover art for sale??? If not I may attempt some. The early ones would make beautiful wall pieces. Thank you ….Tony.

  19. I visited this platform so many times. My sincere compliments to this brilliant site. Awesome design and precious information – just great!
    Over the time I collected several of Sizzlers Fat Track Sets from the early 70‘s and here‘s my question: the bottom-side profile/structure of the straight track-parts varies: some of the 3 slots for the yellow joiners go from end-to-end while on others these slots are just about 3 inch long on each side. The tracks with the end-to-end profile are much more stable and even and allow to install those yellow trestles wherever it needs. So what’s the secret about the system of their appearance in the different Track Sets? For example: I have two Super Circuit Sets, one has the straights with end-to-end slot-profile on the bottom-side the other don’t. Does the production country matter?
    If anybody is familiar with this, please let me know!

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