1969 Hot Wheels Quad Jump Drag Set

As a kid, the very first Hot Wheels accessory that I received was the Jump Ramp Pak.


Box art – front. Copyright Mattel Inc.

And I loved it! To see Hot Wheels catch big air, make a perfect landing and power down the rest of the track was too cool.

Today I am making a custom track by putting 4 jump ramps together in one drag strip.


Of the current crop of cars, I find that ’67 Camaros work very well on jumps. They roll quickly and their metal bodies on metal bases provide enough weight for the cars to sit down and stay on the track after taking a jump.

Here are the 4 ’67 Camaros that I will be racing.


from l to r: orange ’67 Camaro, green ’67 Camaro from the Mod Bod series, black ’67 Camaro and a yellow ’67 Camaro.

And here’s the video of what happened on the track.

So there you have it. A custom track; The 1969 Hot Wheels Quad Jump Drag Strip.

It’s still fast. Still fun.


Close up of box art – front. Copyright Mattel, Inc.


Box art – back. Copyright Mattel, Inc.


Box art – side: Copyright Mattel, Inc.


Box art – end. Copyright Mattel, Inc.


Box art – other end. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Jump Ramp 4

Contents. Copyright Mattel, Inc.


Italian version – front. Courtesy eBay.

Jump Ramp 2.2

Italian version – back. Courtesy eBay.

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