1970 Hot Wheels Drag ‘Chutes

For two years, 1970 and 1971, Mattel produced drag ‘chutes to slow down Hot Wheels cars at the end of the track.

'Chute Pak from the U.K. Box art - front. Courtesy eBay.

‘Chute Pak from the U.K. Box art – front. Courtesy eBay.

'Chute Pak (U.K.) box art - back. Courtesy eBay.

‘Chute Pak (U.K.) box art – back. Courtesy eBay.

'Chute Pak (U.K.) contents. Courtesy eBay.

‘Chute Pak (U.K.) contents underside. Courtesy eBay.

‘Chute Pak (U.K.) contents topside. Courtesy eBay.

During the 1970 year, Mattel sold 4 sets with drag ‘chutes: The Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set, The Snake & Mongoose Drag Set, The Twin ‘Chute Action Set (UK), and the Dual-Lane Rod Runner Drag Set.

The instructions from each set include a section on how the drag ‘chutes work.

From the Drag 'Chute Stunt Set. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

The ‘Chute Trap puts a small space under the track where a drag ‘chute can be stored.

The drag ‘chute is a flexible plastic parachute made in Japan.  It is attached to a metal harness.

Once the drag ‘chute is placed inside the ‘Chute Trap the little metal harness sits on top of the ‘Chute Trap waiting for a Hot Wheels car to race by.

When the Hot Wheels car hits the metal harness, the metal harness rides along with the car’s front bumper.

As the car moves forward the metal harness then pulls the drag ‘chute out of the ‘Chute trap.

The drag ‘chute catches air and then bounces along the track as the car slows down.

The drag ‘chutes are fun to use but if you are doing an extended series of elimination races the ‘chutes become a bit tedious to keep setting up.

Here’s my video showing the Hot Wheels drag ‘chutes in action.

So there you have it.

The 1970 Hot Wheels drag ‘chutes.

They slow down “The Fastest Metal Cars In The World”.  And it’s still fun.

1970 collectors’ catalogue. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

1970 Collectors’ Catalogue. Copyright Mattel, Inc.


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