1970 Hot Wheels Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set: Oval Layout

NASCAR defines the race tracks they use as: road courses (a circuit with left and right hand turns), short tracks ( less than 1 mile, all left hand turns), intermediate tracks (between 1 and 2 miles, all left hand turns) and superspeedways (2 miles or longer, all left hand turns).

There are 6 superspeedways: Daytona Beach, Fontana, Indianapolis, Michigan, Pocono and Talladega.

The 1970 Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set can be set up as an oval.  Originally the set supplies 32 feet of orange track.  But, I am going to add 16 more feet (for a total of 48 feet) to produce my own version of a superspeedway.  I’ll also use 20 joiners, 2 – 180 degree dual-lane curves, 2 white trestles 1 dual-lane rod runner and 1 “fair start” T-bar.

Oval layout instructions look like this:

How to assemble 180 degree dual-lane curves. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

The Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set’s basic oval layout. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Here’s the oval layout extended to superspeedway size.

In keeping with the NASCAR theme, I am going to race two 2010 Chevrolet Impala stock cars with Faster Than Ever wheels.

Time for a superspeedway lap.
Ready at the start.

“Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!  Let’s go racing boys!”1

Flying down the front straightaway.

Hitting the high banking of the first 180 degree dual-lane curve.

Thundering down the back stretch.

Into the second curve.

And back to the Rod Runner.

Here’s my YouTube video of a 60 lap superspeedway oval race – NASCAR style.

So there you have it.  The 1970 Hot Wheels Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set: Oval Layout.

It’s still fast.  Still fun.

A nice example of a complete Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set. Courtesy eBay.

A Custom Eldorado and a Custom Corvette included. Courtesy eBay.

Dual-Lane Rod Runner box art- front.

Dual-Lane Rod Runner box art – back.

Dual-Lane Rod Runner box art – end.

Dual-Lane Curve Pak. Courtesy eBay.

Dual-Lane Curve Pak box art – back. Courtesy eBay.

Footnote 1. Opening salvo by TV commentator Darrell Waltrip at the thrilling start of all Nascar races.  Apparently the catchphrase arose when Waltrip, as a race car driver, grew tired of hearing “Green, Green, Green” from his spotter or crew chief at the beginning of each race and wanted to hear something different.


7 thoughts on “1970 Hot Wheels Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set: Oval Layout

  1. Hello,
    So I have this exact oval set up and I can’t get it to work properly. The cars don’t make it around the track consistently or they wipe out. I feel like I have the rubber bands set pretty tightly; any tighter and they will snap.

    • Hi Paul. I find that only the best rolling cars work on the Dual-Lane Rod Runner Race Set tracks. You’ll notice that most of my cars for Rod Runner oval and figure 8 tracks are “Faster Than Ever” vehicles. And even then it’s only my smoothest running “Faster Than Ever” cars that work properly lap after lap.

      • Great, Thanks for the tip! Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll look for those cars. Love the videos, by the way.

  2. Hi.
    I had this same track when I was a kid. It was my favorite toy. I would love to purchase one. If you ever hear of one that is available, please let me know.


      • Just completed my race set. Today I received a dual lane rod runner in mint condition for only $2 off eBay! The dual lane curves I got for only $18. Love your videos! They inspire me to re-create them. Wish I still had my hot wheels , rrrumblers, sizzlers, Chopcycles, Hot Train, Hot Birds, and Earthshakers from the 1960′ and 1970’s.

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