1970 Hot Wheels Twin ‘Chute Action Set

What would you get if you took all of Mattel’s Hot Wheels gravity race sets from the first 3 years of production (1968 Drag Race Action Set, 1968 Hot Curves Race Action Set, 1969 Double-Dare Race Action Set, and 1970 Mongoose and Snake Drag Race Set) and put them together?  Such a set was never produced or sold in North America. But…in the United Kingdom, the Rosebud subsidiary of Mattel did make one. The 1970 Hot Wheels Twin ‘Chute Action Set.

Box art – front. Courtesy eBay.

This set has it all.  And, in fact, it was judged as “Toy of the Year” for boys by the National Association of Toy Retailers at the 1969 UK Toy Show preview of all the upcoming toys for 1970.

The Twin ‘Chute Action Set includes 32 feet of orange track, 6 joiners, 2 dare-devil loops, 2 full curves, 2 ‘chute traps, 2 drag ‘chutes, 1 starting gate, 1 finish gate, 1 universal clamp, and 3 trestles.

A few components are unique to Rosebud Mattel manufacturing.

The universal clamp is white and made in the UK.

Rosebud Mattel insignia in the top left of the clamp.

U.K. imprint to the left of “Hot Wheels”.

The joiners are white and “Made in England” by Rosebud Mattel.

The ‘chute traps are narrower and have a smaller holding compartment than their US counterparts.  This allows a better fit with the dual lane race track.

‘Chute trap doors closed.

‘Chute trap doors open.

These are the instructions.

Instructions – front page. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Instructions – back page. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Here’s the layout.

Four cars to race on this track:

From L to R: 1969 Pontiac T/A, AMC Javelin AMX, 1971 Plymouth GTX and 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500. All have Faster Than Ever wheels.

At the start.


Into the loops.

Through the loops.

Into the curves.

Out of the curves.

At the finish.

Poppin’ the ‘chutes.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel where you can see this set in action.

So there you have it.  The 1970 Hot Wheels Twin ‘Chute Action Set.

It’s still fast.  Still fun.

Box art – back

Box art -side.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – side: close Up.

Box art – side.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – side: close up.

Box art – end.

Unused contents featuring 2 spoilers cars. Courtesy eBay.

3 thoughts on “1970 Hot Wheels Twin ‘Chute Action Set

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  2. Does it strike you as odd that a set from 1970 (the Twin ‘Chute Action Set) would contain a 1968 catalog? I could understand the other way around – a 1968 set containing a 1970 catalog as long as the set was produced over those three years – but using out-of-date literature to inspire sales of their latest-and-greatest?

    Maybe Mattel UK always used the same cover for their catalogues, but it’s more likely that catalogue never came with this set. It’s something to watch for when buying “original condition”…

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