1970 Hot Wheels Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set

The introduction of Hot Wheels was a revolution in diecast toy cars.  Any track that had a start and a finish to it, inevitably saw the Hot Wheels cars fly through the end and onto the floor.  By 1970 the time had come to try slowing these cars down.  Real world funny cars and dragsters use parachutes.  Why not Hot Wheels?

In keeping with NHRA-style competition, all of the 1970 sets that come with ‘chutes are for racing…except one.  That one is for showcasing Hot Wheels bravado…the Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set.  It’s basically the 1968 Stunt Action Set with a parachute apparatus.

Track components include 16 feet of orange track, 4 joiners, 1 dare-devil loop base, 2 jump ramps, 1 universal clamp, 1 ‘chute trap, and 2 drag ‘chutes.

Here are the instructions.

Instructions – front page. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

Instructions – back page. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

As you can see by the instructions, the parachute hides in a parachute trap.  The parachute is attached to a small metal harness that sits on top of the trap.  When a Hot Wheels car goes over the trap, it’s front bumper contacts the metal harness and drags the harness along with it.  The parachute then pops out of the trap and slows the Hot Wheels car by catching air and then dragging along the track.

The layout.

Today’s stunt cars.

L to R: 1967 Camaro, 1968 COPO Camaro, 1968 Mercury Cougar.

Here’s the start.

Heading for the dare-devil loop.

Round the dare-devil loop.

Jumping through air.

Hitting the trap and popping the ‘chute.

Rolling to a stop.

Here’s my YouTube channel video of the Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set in action.

So there you have it.  The 1970 Hot Wheels Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set.

It’s still fast.  Still fun.

1970 Toy Fair Catalogue. Courtesy http://www.toycarcollector.com.

Box art work – front. Courtesy eBay.

Box art – back. Courtesy eBay.

Set components on display. Courtesy eBay.

4 thoughts on “1970 Hot Wheels Drag ‘Chute Stunt Set

    • Hi Christa, There can be quite a range in value for any of the old Hot Wheels sets. Desirability, quality and completeness go a long way in determining the selling price. I usually recommend following eBay for a few weeks to see what these sets are typically selling for. Cheers!

    • The original car would have been any Hot Wheels car that was produced in 1970. I’ve seen examples with Chargers, Demons, etc.

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