1969 Hot Wheels Super-Charger Double Action Set

Today’s kids are amazed by the original Hot Wheels drag race sets and figure 8 speedways, especially those powered by Rod Runners.  But given their own choice of what to build they usually opt for an elongated single lane freeway.  Kids love constructing roadways.  The 1969 Hot Wheels Super-Charger Double Action Set has this made in spades.

The Double Action Set lets you build 5 different tracks plus whatever else you can come up with using your imagination.  Four of the official tracks are freeways and one is a dual oval race set (I’ll do that one on the next blog).  To build all this, the Double Action Set includes: 25 feet of orange track, 12 joiners, 2 half curves, 4 full curves, 2 Super-Chargers, 2 automatic lap counters, and 4 trestles.

I’m going to build one of the freeways from this set called “The Over ‘N Under”.  In this arrangement, the Super-Chargers are stacked one on the other.  The lower Super-Charger needs to run in reverse for this layout to work.  Fortunately, all you have to do is put the batteries in backwards to get the foam covered wheels spinning the other way.

Double Action Set instruction sheet - front page. Courtesy eBay.

Double Action Set instruction sheet – front page. Courtesy eBay.

Layout instructions for the “Over ‘N Under” freeway. Copyright Mattel, Inc.

The freeway is open.

During testing I found 3 of my Mustangs performed really well on this freeway.  They all have “Faster Than Ever 1” wheels.  The gold car is a 2010 Ford Mustang GT and the other two are 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 cars.

3 Mustangs ready to put on some miles.

How about a lap around the circuit?  The gold Mustang enters the top Super-Charger.

Down the ramp.

To the lap counter.

Round the first full turn.

Heading back to the lower Super-Charger.

Into the tunnel.

Flat out to the second full curve.

Round the second full curve.

And back up the half curve.

When I put on the second car and then the third car I wondered what kind of bumping crashes would occur as a faster car caught up to the car in front of it.  Turns out that doesn’t happen.  The Super-Chargers loose some energy when they propel a car out onto the track.  It takes a little bit of time for the spinning power of the Super-Charger’s internal wheels to come back to full strength.  As a result, if the second car gets closer to the first car, then it gets less of a push from the Super-Charger and falls back.  So the Super-Chargers automatically space out the cars evenly, whether you are running 2 cars or 3.  I ran three Mustangs for 30 minutes during video filming for my YouTube channel and the cars never got near each other.

The lap counter makes sense when you are running one car.  But when you get 2 or 3 cars going then the counter is just spinning over and over.  I must have logged nearly 500 lap counts by the time I was done.  And I found the lap counter works best out of the top Super-Charger because it is easier to travel over a flat half curve back into the lower Super-Charger than it is to climb the elevated half curve back into the upper Super-Charger.

All in all, it’s a fun layout.  And having multiple tracks to build right out of one box is a Hot Wheeler’s delight.

The 1969 Hot Wheels Super-Charger Double Action Set.

It’s still fast.  Still fun.

Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel: 

Super-Charger Double Action original artwork. Courtesy www.redlineprotos.com.

Box art – front. Courtesy eBay.

Box art - back. Courtesy eBay.

Box art – back. Courtesy eBay.

Super-Charger Double Action instruction sheet. Courtesy eBay.

Extra pic 1.

Extra pic 2.

Extra pic 3.


3 thoughts on “1969 Hot Wheels Super-Charger Double Action Set

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  2. Im 53 years old and still have my super charger set . The last time i used the set was when my son was 5 to 8 years old ( 2002-2005). Hats off to Mattel for making a quality product and what a blast to view your site !

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